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Tai Chi Famous Chef Chinese Restaurant

Date: 2020-12-01

Located on the first floor of the hotel

Tai Chi Famous Chef Chinese Restaurant mainly deals in mid-to-high-end Cantonese cuisine, as well as special Shanghai cuisine and Sichuan cuisine. The restaurant has a pleasant lobby dining area and 8 luxurious private rooms. There are also 555, 777, and 999 villa-style clubs that integrate food, accommodation and entertainment, providing exclusive private dishes. The restaurant is noble and elegant in design, and has an atrium view with the characteristics of Jiangnan garden architecture. The environment is fresh and natural, comfortable and warm. It is an excellent choice for your business banquet and family dinner.

Business hours:

Reservation phone:
(Inside line) 2666

The online hotel reservation service is convenient and fast. If you wish, you can call our reservation number: 400 700 1997.